Welcome to Sport Wireless

Connecting your professional sport venue and providing a large range of services for your public will be probably one of your highest priorities.
A lot of 'stadium connected' plans will be offered but you will have noticed that switching to a fully connected era doesn't come cheap.

It is not just a WiFi Network, a mobile 3G/4G Network or some app created services which makes your venue a digital state-of-the-art place to be. That is exactly why Sport Wireless doesn't make your network just a 'nice-thing-to-have', it is why we integrate the best technology to combine your 3G/4G-, WiFi- and even your internal networks to provide you a real connected stadium. Our captive portal and modern features will create more engagement, more loyalty and more fun.

And then, professionally seen, it enables you and your business partners to increase your revenues. Connecting your stadium the right way might create investment issues. Therefore, we are offering these professional networks 'as-a-service', which is a unique way of using the most high performance connectivity with the best integrated services without up front expenses!

How it works?

Look at our concept page or send us an e-mail, we are looking forward to cooperate with you as well.
See you soon!